More than Film School

Create films commissioned for TV.

Learn in a genuine industry environment.

Work with a real production company.

More than an Internship

Rigorous training in all aspects of production

Hands on experience on all production tasks

A full co-directorial role.

Real decision making, real responsibilities.

Your future in the film industry

Get the professional training, credit and experience you need to become an industry professional.

INto INdustry graduates find jobs at top media Organisations such as the BBC and Al Jazeera.

Make films that matter to you

OTOXO Productions make documentaries to raise the volume of unheard voices and shed a light on unseen faces. The INto INdustry Programme gives young, socially motivated people the chance to join OTOXO in fulfilling that goal. For anyone who wants a career where they make a difference and share important social messages, the INto INdustry Programme is the perfect place to start.





9 + 1 =

“The INto INdustry programme provided me with all the required knowledge and experience to work alongside some of the world’s top documentary producers at the BBC in Bristol. Not only did it give me technical knowledge in terms of camera skills and editing, it also provided me with confidence to find great stories which I have utilised in my role in the Development team at the Natural History Unit.”

Bertie Alison

Researcher, BBC Natural History Unit

“Put simply, the INto INdustry Programme gave me the skills, experience and confidence I needed to become the film industry professional that I am today.”

Chrisann Hessing

Producer / Director, Willis Sweete Productions

“The INto INdustry programme is a fantastic starting point for any aspiring documentary filmmakers. it covered all aspects of the filmmaking process and gave me the practical skills needed to self-shoot & and produce – essential in the industry today. John and Tom have a great knowledge of filmmaking, and more importantly they have first-hand experience working in the industry, meaning that everything I learnt was relevant and applicable.”
Robert Pyburn

Reporter and Video Editor, Wickers World Foundation

Location: Barcelona

One of the most inspiring, dynamic cities in the world, with an unmade film round every corner.

Production Base

Our production base is a hub of audiovisual innovation and creativity right in the heart of the city.

Co-Direct a Real Production with the INto INdustry Programme