OTOXO graduate film student with BBC film job

Harry Davies

Current position: Senior video editor Playground Plus

Best decision I made for my career and personal development. Helped me secure my job as an editor at PlayGround and prepared me for work with the BBC, ITV, NPR and other companies. Would recommend to anyone who wants to make films, get into the media and learn how to tell social stories.”

Chrisann Hessing OTOXO Film Internship

Chrisann Hessing

Current position: Associate Producer / Director

Willis Sweete Productions



“Put simply, the INto INdustry Programme gave me the skills, experience and confidence I needed to become the film industry professional that I am today.”



Chrisann Hessing OTOXO Film Internship

Aurore Groult

Current position: Researcher, BBC News



This programme is better than classes since you are in the field researching, filming and editing, and better than work placements or internships since you are given complete control of the final project. Trust me, you will be surprised at how much you learn throughout the programme.”



Chrisann Hessing OTOXO Film Internship

Shubhra Vandit

Current position: Freelance videographer


“Doing the ‘INto INdustry’ programme at OTOXO proved to be a turning point in my career. I have studied filmmaking in Mumbai and New York, but the kind of practical knowledge, functioning of the filmmaking process and sensitivity in terms of attention to detail that OTOXO instils is something I have not experienced anywhere else. The learning was tremendous. It has definitely been one of the most enriching experiences. Go do it!



OTOXO graduate film student with BBC film job

Fiona Halliday

Current position: Final year of studies



An incredible immersion into the world of documentary film making. Alongside the encouraging guidance of Tom, John and OTOXO alumni; the course is challenging enough to feel representative of the work involved in film making, yet informal and also great chance to meet fellow emerging documentary makers and build a support network.



Chrisann Hessing OTOXO Film Internship

Ieva Zellite

Current position: Independent documentary director

This is a great program taught by talented and supportive professionals who will teach you all aspects of documentary making. It has given me the confidence to pursue my career in filmmaking. I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested to work in film or media..”



OTOXO graduate film student with BBC film job

Robbie Pyburn

Current position: Reporter & video editor, Whickers World Foundation



“The INto INdustry programme is a fantastic starting point for any aspiring documentary filmmakers. I found it incredibly valuable, as it covered all aspects of the filmmaking process (research, treatment writing, filming, editing and promotion) and gave me the practical skills needed to self-shoot & and produce, which is essential in the industry today. John and Tom have a great knowledge of filmmaking, and more importantly they have first-hand experience working in the industry, meaning that everything I learnt was relevant and applicable.”



OTOXO graduate film student with BBC film job

Bertie Allison

Current position: Camera Operator

BBC Natural History Unit



“The INto INdustry programme provided me with all the required knowledge and experience to work alongside some of the world’s top documentary producers at the BBC in Bristol. Not only did it give me technical knowledge in terms of camera skills and editing, it also provided me with confidence to find great stories which I have utilised in my role in the Development team at the Natural History Unit.”



OTOXO graduate film student with BBC film job

Jordan Woodgate

Current position: Producer & videographer, International Human Aid Association, Press TV



“OTOXO´s INto INdustry programme was a breath of educational fresh air. We were continually armed with the necessary skills for each stage of production in an informal and personal class environment, but most valuable was that we were learning by doing.

We were forced out of the classroom to go and discover a subject, and write and create a short documentary in 6 months. – Seriously daunting at first, but so worth it to jump straight in. The teachers were great; personable, knowledgeable and were passionate about the documentary and our success as filmmakers. I can’t imagine a different course or work placement making me the filmmaker that OTOXO has.”



OTOXO graduate film student with BBC film job

Leanne Hayman

Current position: Film previewer, Sheffield Doc Fest

“The INto INdustry programme strikes a brilliant balance between theoretical and practical experience. John and Tom have designed an educational component that introduces you to the theoretical and technical aspects of documentary making, which, as a newcomer, I found totally accessible and excellently taught. Alongside this, a practical component consists of real, challenging production work – researching, writing, interviewing, filming, editing and even screening – which puts you straight through the paces of documentary filmmaking.”



Chrisann Hessing OTOXO Film Internship

Rich White

Current position: Director of Audiovisuals

Yoga Body Barcelona


“The INto INdustry Programme is one of a kind. Not only for the price and what it has to offer, but also for the experience, the people and the location. I left my full time job in London to come to Barcelona for a year, learn Spanish, and improve on my background within the Television Industry. The programme takes you through every part of the Documentary Filmmaking process with weekly tutorials and practical exercises. Personally, it taught me a lot despite having studied Documentary filmmaking at Higher Education and having shadowed various companies. This is because rather than studying in a University environment, or watching others work in a company, the programme allows you to get first hand experience in a professional setting in a highly successful production company.

I would highly recommend the INto INdustry programme to anyone seriously thinking about getting into Documentary Filmmaking.”



Chrisann Hessing OTOXO Film Internship

James Royle

Visual Media Co-ordinator, ICB



“If you are serious about becoming an independent documentary filmmaker, I cannot recommend highly enough the OTOXO INto INdustry program. John and Tom  are experts in their representative fields. They taught us everything we needed to know about documentary filmmaking, Including: camera operation, composition, and sound recording, to research, writing, editing and distribution.  You also put everything you are learning into practice and will co-direct a professional documentary with OTOXO productions which will be aired on Spanish Television. If that wasn’t enough, you will even be taught how to set yourself up as an independent documentary filmmaker so when you finish the course you will be able to find work instantaneously or even set up your own production company. This program will test and push you above and beyond your limits, but in return you will become the documentary filmmaker you’ve always wanted to become.”



Chrisann Hessing OTOXO Film Internship

Durado Brooks

Current position: Documentary Photographer


“I’ve got both undergraduate and master’s degrees related to film production. In 6 months of study with Otoxo, I spent more hands-on time involved with production than I did in 6 years of university study. Unlike university study, Tom and John (our tutors) are not simply professors there to collect a cheque. They are the founders of the company, your tutors, and your fellow crew members. They have a vested interest in the project as a whole- from how well the participants are learning and enjoying the experience to the overall quality of the film.

Instead of just drilling theory into your head, John and Tom keep classroom time brief while assigning work which leads to practical learning outside of the classroom.  Participants can also be emboldened by the fact that all coursework leads to a tangible, completed, professionally produced documentary to be aired on television- not just a grade on a paper. Those who complete the program will enter the industry with greater confidence than most, as they will have already been directly involved in every single phase of a completed documentary production.

The experience with OTOXO has opened my eyes creatively and reignited my independent spirit.”