The 1 Month Programme


For one month each year, 15 selected participants co-direct a series of 3-5 minute documentaries with OTOXO Productions. These shorts are distributed to festivals & media outlets around the world, and streamed on the OTOXO platform. For these reasons alone we demand the highest quality of work from our participants and provide them with the highest quality of training to ensure it.

The Productions

Every July, 12 selected participants co-direct a series of three-minute documentaries with OTOXO Productions.  Each production has the OTOXO Productions name on it and is published by Barcelona’s leading cultural magazine BCN MÉS. For these reasons alone we demand the highest quality of work from our participants and provide them with the highest quality of training to ensure it.

Our 50/50 partnership

Our partnership with our participants continues beyond the creation of the film.   Should that film which we create together (or any revised cut of the film, based on the same characters and concept) generate any money, for example from a sale to a platform, channel, distributor, or our own V.O.D platform, then the profits from that sale will be split 50/50 between OTOXO Productions and all programme participants.

The Training

The selected participants are given a one month intensive training course which guides their role in the production. They participate in detailed training and studies of every aspect of the documentary making process, and at each stage they follow this training with a corresponding production task. There is a daily tutorial of three hours, followed by three hours of production tasks (done in groups)
Participants will be assessed on a continual basis, and will receive feedback on every task they do. At the end of their studies and production of the film, participants will receive a final written assessment and written reference from OTOXO Productions, detailing their activities and responsibilities as co-director in the production.
The OTOXO Productions tutors are both Spanish speakers but also native English speakers. Candidates must be fluent in either English or Spanish to participate.

The Kit

Participants are given access to all the equipment they will require for the duration of the production and programme.

The equipment we use on the programme is selected specifically to strike a balance between quality – to produce films that maintain and push the standards set by OTOXO and our broadcasting partners, and affordability – so that our participants learn how to use, and maximise the potential of, equipment that is an affordable price to them, as they move on to produce their own professional productions.

The Results

The INto INdustry Programme has provided the launch pad for so many successful careers in the film industry and the media. For example, in just the last 12 months, our programme graduates have moved on to paid production jobs in organisations such as Channel 4, Willis Sweete Productions, PressTV, Budapest Productions, In Focus Productions, Babieka Films, Fifty Fifty Post, Whicker’s World Foundation, Sheffield Doc/Fest and of course, the BBC. To find out more about how and why the programme provides such ideal preparation for people who want to work for the likes of the BBC there’s lots more information here.

The Cost

The full price is 1995 euros.,

The Application

Unsurprisingly, places are limited. But you absolutely do not need experience or previous studies in film to apply. What you do need is creativity, imagination, dedication, focus and determination. If you think you have that, then you can start the process immediately by filling in the application form here.

After reviewing the application forms, we select a list of candidates who are invited to a face to face interview (or, if you are applying from abroad you will be invited to an online interview). This way we can fully assess the potential of every candidate, and make our final selection.

Good luck! We look forward to hearing from you.

The dates of our next programme

Our next programme runs from the 3rd of July until the 28th of July, and we are accepting applications now.