From Into Industry, to my first job in film


The Into Industry Programme was a great experience. It covered all areas of documentary production. And gave me so much more than typical training or studies could offer. It´s not just about how to handle a camera, but how to build stories that connect with the viewer. We had a really dynamic group, and the results were pretty amazing!

Coming into the programme I specifically wanted to improve my pre-production skills, and this is definitely the area in which I learnt most. From finding characters and establishing contact, to planning the narrative and preparing for interviews.

Into Industry definitely had a positive impact on my career, and I’m now working as a correspondent reporter producing videos for Colombian TV channel EnÓrbita, a music documentary maker in collaboration with The Barcelona Film Commission, and a free-lance film-editor.




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Before doing The Into Industry Programme I studies had been focused on journalism, and was doing some freelance journalism work and a bit of photography. I wanted to strengthen my practical skills especially camerawork and editing and reinforce how to turn an abstract idea into a professional quality film.

Into Industry is a real straight talking, stripped down, succinct, intensive crash course in filmmaking. It’s a fast paced creative environment where you eat, drink and sleep documentaries. It equips you with the skills you need to turn an abstract idea into a thought provoking film. The camera classes taught us how to capture unusual, dynamic, not just mundane functional shots. I borrowed the camera loads to practice and improved so much. I also really developed my editing and particularly enjoyed learning how to finesse a film, improve it aesthetically through filters, and how to edit music to enhance the story

Since graduating I’ve gone into , working as a production assistant with Abu Media, a multi award winning production company who produces programmes for national Irish broadcast

I’ve also filmed and directed a short documentary, Heart and Hand, which has been screened at film festivals around the world.