Yours, Mine, Ours: The Exchange Economy

Yours, Mine, Ours: The Exchange Economy



Stefan was born in East Berlin, and witnessed a city come to life after the tumbling of a wall. But today he sees new barriers being constructed in our ‘liberal’ society. Barriers built by banks, which restrict our freedom, expression and personal relationships through the interest payments imposed on our daily lives. Seeking to free himself from this financial dependence, Stefan decides to undertake a striking social experiment: to live his life not through money, but through exchange.

His biggest challenge is to find a home, but the nature of his experiment means he must always be on the move. Long term exchanges are hard to come by and Stefan must adapt to his footloose existence by creating new experiences and connections wherever he goes.

His experiment poses questions at every turn – How can you feel at home when you must leave again at a moments notice? Could we really find security not through financial wealth, but instead through our trust in others? Would abandoning established currencies leave us isolated and marginalised, or might our connections and communities be all the stronger for it?

Even Stefan isn’t quite sure himself. But he’s willing to find out.


Text by INto INdustry Programme Co-directors.