The Basic Ingredients


Barcelona. 10 illegal immigrants, marginalised & penniless. All with one simple but seemingly impossible goal – to win right to work.

They’ve been wandering streets, scavenging bins, hiding from police. But today, things look different. They’ve found a restaurant. And a ray of hope. For the next 3 months they’ll come to ‘Project Mescladis’ to train and work as chefs. If they pass, they get a sponsored visa, & with that, the chance of work, dignity, & life – The basic ingredients.

The film follows 3 migrants cooking for their futures. Moukhsine left two kids back in Senegal with one wish, to find the money to keep them in school. He’s generous, gentle, but so, so slow. Danil is only 19. A great talent, but if his spanish doesn’t improve, he’ll fail too. Then there is Dansi. A Mauretanian fisherman. At home in an ocean, drowning in a kitchen. Guiding them is head chef, Trini – She’s tiny, but tough. She knows if she doesn’t make them great, no one else will give them a chance.

They’ve beat pain, poverty & persecution to get here. It’s only a little kitchen. But can they handle the heat?