As a young man, Ramon seemed to be getting life just about right – travelling the world, falling in love in New York, working as a chef in some of the city’s top restaurants and entertaining it’s endless stream of noteworthy diners. Then one day, his father got sick. He returned to Barcelona to help him through a terminal illness, but fell ill himself. With no money, struggling to come to terms with the loss of his father, and not well enough to work, he found himself on the streets. In what felt like an instant his life had been changed in a way he never thought possible.

Being homeless took its toll both mentally and physically. He suffered depression and developed an alcohol addiction and seemed destined to continue his downward spiral. But somehow, through all he had lost, through the live he now led he saw possibility. Being homeless, he saw the city others didn’t see. Much of it was dark and sinister, but much was also fascinating and curious. He thought others might like see this other side of Barcelona, he thought that becoming a tour guide with a difference could be his way back.