New Roots


Charles and Timrate are homeless Ghanian immigrants living in Barcelona. They left behind their home and families in the hope that the could provide for them better from the mythical European promised land. After years on the streets, they have finally heard rumours of a uncommon programme where they’ll be given the chance to create a life that might, finally, allow them to fulfil this simple goal.

The opportunity is presented to them by Rashid, who not long ago faced the same struggle. Since then, he has established a life and a family, as well as this program to help homeless immigrants like Timrate and Charles get off the streets and become self-sufficient. They will receive training in ecological farming and the opportunity to grow and sell their own crops. They are also given a disused shell of a home close to their plot of land, and the materials and guidance they need to fix it up.

The chance is huge, but the journey will be tough and uncertain. Becoming a farmer is no easy task and nature can prove a cruel and unpredictable master.

Charles and Timrate are doing everything they can to cultivate a brighter future, but will their fragile new roots take hold?


Text by INto INdustry Programme Co-directors.