Mayma’s esoteric otherworldly cave draws you in with intrigue. The wonderful weird trinkets outside beckon you in and tease you to quench the thirst of curiosity.

As a co-director for this series, rambling through the streets of Barcelona, frantically searching everyone’s face for a story, I found her bizarre and beautiful shrine. As enigmatic and alluring as her arcane alcove, she is an innate psychologist with an old-world wisdom but her ordinariness portrays a persona that could be everyone’s grandmother too. She possesses a rare outlook, one of appreciation for what you have and acceptance of the cards you’re dealt in life. She doesn’t claim to be a modern day oracle but someone to confide in, find solace and maybe the answers to your own problems.

She shatters the perception of scepticism which shrouds tarot card readers.

Text by INto INdustry Programme Co-director, Emma Kate O’Reilly.